Browser image resize algorithm discrepancies.

In this experiment, a 24x24 block is cropped from a scan representing more or less a white surface. The resulting image is a pattern made from scanner noise.
The resulting image is put into an HTML table (as below) and resized at chosen sizes to test how well the browser resolves the warped image.
With a good resizing & interpolation/anti-aliasing algorithm, the resized image should not differ too much from the original.
I have set the background to the original to provide a easy comparison between the original and resized images.

> test results

230x230 240x230 230x240
220x220 240x220 220x240
210x210 240x210 210x240
200x200 240x200 200x240
122x122 240x122 122x240
24x24 240x24 24x240


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