Browser image resize algorithms discrepancies.
Tests are taken on a PowerBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.9.

> Internet Explorer showed the least satisfactory/most interesting results. The algorithm created a prominent grid effect in lesser squashed images, and favoured cyan tones when the image is further squashed.
> Internet Explorer Screenshots

> Safari showed the best results where the resized images blended in with the background (original) almost perfectly, the algorithm avoided generating too obvious a pattern and got the median tonal values very very close to the original.
> Safari Screenshots

> Firefox showed satisfactory results. Resized images blended in well enough but further down the algorithm developed a pattern on its own and seems to favour whiter tones, especially visible in the last batch.
Netscape test results were exactly the same as Firefox, both being Mozilla based browsers, and were omitted from the results.
> Firefox Screenshots

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