This is a long running project which aims to explore the limitations of representational methods. Representation is pretty much the fundamental basis of visual art & design, and I hope, by carrying out a series of experiments I can discover new patterns and methods to create unexpected effects and results, and use them in producing new artforms and designs.

I will keep adding whatever I discover to this website as long as I consider it appropriate, so check back if you are interested. Thank you!

What's New:

I was playing around with colour reduction methods using the 'Save for Web' function in Photoshop and created some pretty, stripy images. I then put them into Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver (and other Macromedia apps) have this rather old-school black & white mesh matte screen type of way of highlighting selected visual objects:

and as I selected all of the images on the page, voila! I've discovered yet another LCD flicker effect, this time, without even using an animated GIF. It's just sitting there still, but flickering. For some reason it only works with darker colours. I have yet to investigate into this phenomenon, but for now they are >here< and >here< right after the original index page. For certain unknown reasons, which I have to investigate on more LCD display units before I can find out why, this phenomenon only happens on particular models. Say, the Samsung on my 15" PowerBook and on certain other Aluminium PowerBooks have so far given the most prominent results. On certain other LCD's, the effect is so nominal maybe we could say it doesn't affect all display units. Nevertheless, it does happen and would be interesting to investigate further.

A facelift is coming soon too, as the site gains in content it's necessary to keep it better organized and easier to navigate.

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What would you like to explore/exploit?

1: The computer display
> LCD display flicker
> native moiré

2: Representation algorithms
> browser image resize algorithms discrepancies.
> greeked text


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