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To demonstrate how a computer screen can be used creatively to generate moiré into beautiful patterns, I have created a Pattern Generator application which would facilitate a real-time transformation of an image pattern, just like you could play with 2 halftone screens by hand.

Download Pattern Generator v.0.1 (1.68MB)

> Click here for Documentation on the Application

*System Requirements: any Apple Macintosh G4, G5 running Mac OS X (10.2 or above)


> Real-time manipulation of the image:

– Zoom/resize/stretch transformation
– Manual and automatic rotation
– Rotation anchor point offset and X,Y offset
– Brightness, contrast, saturation controls with manual/automatic hue rotation
– Full screen support

> Supports all Quicktime image formats:

– Including png, gif, jpeg, tiff, photoshop, etc. Even Quicktime movies

> Load custom files and save patterns:

– Export generated images in any of the Quicktime supported formats
– Save a Quicktime movie of the whole image manipulation process

The application is written using Max/MSP/Jitter, a graphical programming environment for producing interactive media applications. I have dropped the idea of producing a flash version which I can show online but flash with actionscript proved to be too slow for satisfactory effects. Hopefully I will soon be able to implement a much stripped down version for online use.

This current version has built-in MIDI support from Max/MSP, but I have yet to assign controller CC values.
Further expansion plans include incorporation of a series of functions which will let the application interact with live MIDI and audio data – great for VJ-ing!

> see what fun I had with it


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